By Malcolm Eugene Miller; Howard Edward Evans; George C Christensen

ISBN-10: 0721663605

ISBN-13: 9780721663609

Binding: Hardcover writer: W.B. Saunders corporation Date released: 1964 ISBN-13: 9780721663609 ISBN: 0721663605

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The petrobasilar fissure (fissura petrobasilaris) is formed between these articulations. At the Chapter 1. 24 T h e S k e l e t a l S y s te m depth of this fissure the petrous temporal bone articulates with the occipital bone in forming the petro-occipital synchondrosis (synchondro­ sis petro-occipitalis). Ethmoid Bone The ethmoid bone (os ethmoidale) (Figs. 117 to 1-21) is located between the cranial and facial parts of the skull, both of which it helps to form. It is completely hidden from view in the intact skull.

The incisive bone articulates posteriorly with the maxilla to form the incisivomaxillary suture (sutura incisivomaxillaris). The posterodorsal parts of the right and left palatine proc­ esses form the vom eroincisive suture (sutura vomeroincisiva) as they articulate with the vomer. The medial surface of each nasal process articulates with the nasal bone to form the nasoincisive suture (sutura nasoincisiva). Nasal Bone The nasal bone (os nasale) (Fig. 1-23) is long, slender, and narrow posteriorly, but in large dogs is almost 1 cm.

Ext. a c o u s t i c m ea t us A u d ito r y iube Left temporal bone, anterior aspect. T he Sk u l l 21 P e tro sa l crest C a n a l f o r a c o u s t i c n. T r a n s v e r s e sulcus PARS P ETR O SA o r py ra m id Cerebe-I l a r fossa - Zuqom atic process Openincj f o r v e s t i b u l a r a q u e d u c t T r a n s v e r s e c r e s t of ------- i n f a c o u s t i c m e a t u s P A R S M A S T O I D E A -------Op e n i nc j f o r c o c h l e a r c a n a l i c u l u s ' " ^ i|r ~ ~ - - C a n a l f o r t r i g e m i n a l n.

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