By Higgins, Godfrey ESQ

The treasure of data got throughout the research of languages is to unencumber the presents of antiquity. This e-book is an try to draw apart the veil of the "saitic isis" or an inquiry into the starting place of languages, countries and religions.

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Why was Solomon so celebrated for this virtue ? It was no doubt from being the protector, or perhaps the renovator, of the doctrine of the emanation of the Rasit . He removed the seat of the Western doctrine of Wisdom, from the stone circle on Gerizim to Moriah or the Western Sion, for which he has been cursed by the Samaritans, and blessed by his followers, who in consequence assumed the name of the whole tribe exclusively to themselves, that is, Juda-ites, or Yadu-ites, or Jews, sinking the other ten tribes into Schismatics .

In Upper India, Cristna is called Can-yia and Nat-ii . 4 The Targum of the Jews calls Jehovah ii, and Apollo, the God of the people of Delphi, where the X pi cog was found by Dr . Clarke, was called IE, and the Bible of the Jews calls Jehovah IE. The first word of Ja-gernaut is evidently IA, our Jab, and the Jewish n, ie . The third is the Nat of Upper India, and the Irish, 5 and Egyptian Neiths, both of which were the Deities of Wisdom, and the Chinese Tien, as before stated in Book VIII . Chap .

The Sura or circle (as the Germans would say) of Sura, has thus come down to us . I find that the country of Sora or Chola was ruled by a king raised to the throne, not by the neighing of a horse, like Cyrus, but by an elephant, and that his name was Kerik'ala Chola, 5 as written by Mr . Wilson, but which ought to be, I suspect, Ilericlo Sura, the Syrian Hercules. In the Javanese the word Cama becomes Como and Sama Somo . 0 Thus Comorinus, the end of the promontary of India, is Cama-marina ; and Cama is but Ama with the aspirate .

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