By Terry Crowley

ISBN-10: 0824819357

ISBN-13: 9780824819354

The languages of southern Vanuatu are structurally varied from different Oceanic languages. Sye has an surprisingly complicated morphological procedure and it bargains a couple of typological surprises for Oceanic linguists. It differs syntactically from many different Oceanic languages of Melanesia in that it doesn't have frequent verb serialization, notwithstanding it, besides the opposite languages of southern Vanuatu, has constructed what may be often called a approach of "echo verbs."

This quantity describes Sye's phonology and morphosyntax in phrases which are meant to be available to fans of various linguistic theories, with massive exemplification of issues to permit linguists to reanalyze facts in line with their very own theoretical interests.

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Guage with this sound is not being written at all, or with it being represented or? thographically by a variety of single letters (k, g, h, r), by a variety of digraphs (hr, ck, cr, rk), and even by the trigraphs rgk and rck. Thus, a form such as /noyut/ 37 CHAPTER2 has the potential iouse' norut, nohrut, nockut, to appear orthographically nocrut, norkut, norgkut as nout, nokut, nogut, nohut, or norckut. The use of single letters such as k, g, h and r is unacceptable as each of these symbols is already used to represent other phonemic units.

Non high vowels are very common initially, while high vowels are much less com? mon. The distribution of initial vowels across a sample of about 1000 verb roots is: /e-/ 23%, lo-l 18%, /a-/16%, /i-/ 2%, lu-l 1%. 5% of roots. 5%) that is ln-1, /m-/, /v-/, /r-/, A-/, non-velar consonants collectively, while there are no roots beginning velar consonants, the fricative sal lx-l and Is-1, ac? begin with all ly-l and /w-/, lh-1, or the na? ln-1. 14 Root-Final Segments can end in any vowel, or in any single consonant ex?

There is also evidence for a somewhat narrower set of intervocalic three-mem? se? ber consonant clusters. The first of these involve homorganic nasal-obstruent quences followed by the fricative lyl, the nasals Inl and /rj/, the liquids HI and /r/, or the glides /w/ and lyl. All of these cluster-final consonants are attested after the sequence /mp/, while more restricted sets of consonants can follow /nt/, /rjk/ and Inri. 5. We therefore find roots such as: /empyu/ 'dance', /wemplan/ 'butterfly', /nompwau/ 'cloud', find a 'chest'.

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