By Nigel Guy Wilson

ISBN-10: 3110018985

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41. 7 'Tt'apap-niaas: 'season', a Hellenistic word. 10 elT' o~v: the particles are incorrectly used and perhaps corrupt. 12 TE\ixos: 'volume'. lStooVy-ypaq>ov: 'devoted to this theme alone'; lexicis addendum. 38 METHOD lOS lleVa. ::mo'TE aVV l

Ft: probably in origin a mixture of TCxxOS and 6CiTrov ft; there are several examples of this construction in Agathias (see p. 221 of Keydell's edition). 14 o

11 S1aaKEVij: this comment is not entirely true; see above on Heliodorus. 13 cpvAlrTTEI: 'retains throughout' seems to be the sense. - A comparison with Heliodorus at greater length was made by Michael Psellos (printed in J acobs' ed. of Achilles Tatius, Leipzig 1821 CVI-CXIV; see H. rtner, op. , 56-60). Photius alludes to the matter briefly again in codex 94, the lost Babyloniaca of Iamblichus. Lucian was one of the most popular classical authors in Byzantium, as is shown by imitations such as the Timarion (see pp.

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