By Zeese Papanikolas MA BA

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In American Silence , a supplement to his past learn Trickster within the Land of goals , Zeese Papanikolas investigates a couple of major American cultural artifacts and the lives in their makers. For Papanikolas, either the non-public disasters and public successes of Clarence King, Henry Adams, Gertrude Stein, Ernest Hemingway, Raymond Chandler, and Hank Williams resonate with silences.

summary: In American Silence , a supplement to his past research Trickster within the Land of desires , Zeese Papanikolas investigates a few major American cultural artifacts and the lives in their makers. For Papanikolas, either the non-public mess ups and public successes of Clarence King, Henry Adams, Gertrude Stein, Ernest Hemingway, Raymond Chandler, and Hank Williams resonate with silences

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11 Carefully King proceeded to chip his victim out whole. When it chose to break in two, King was easily consoled, reflecting that it would do as well gummed back together. The age of the gold belt of the Sierras could now be firmly placed. He had given a name to dumb nature. King sees the snow-covered peaks in the distance once more. The surveying party makes its way out of the drought-parched Central Valley of California and up the pine-covered hills. Above the Kings River gorge he climbs to the top of some granite crags and lies down among the roots of a little family of alpine firs.

Indd 44 1/16/2007 3:29:28 PM his much-amputated leg—only the joke of his name, a pious New England widow, and his debts remain. ” Copples’s hotel is the site of an unholy consumption. Through the windows of the kitchen, the glare of red light pours, a Chinese cook’s head is silhouetted against the lurid glow. It is a kind of Hell. ” Illuminated by the light of the kerosene lamps we see the inner recesses of a demonic womb, the kitchen, the secret center of the hotel. ” But King does not risk the fare at Copples’s.

Park had a rod, like the man who showed the diorama. But he fired his pupils’ ambition. The boy, Clarence, was a good student. He was everything to his mother, who had been widowed at twenty-eight. Because he was everything, he must succeed. His mother loved him. She could be firm from her love. She was making a mind. Once in the wintertime the boy took her to show her something he had found. They walked across the frozen snow for a mile and he showed her the impress of a fern in a stone wall. He asked her how it got there.

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