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It is a brief heritage of the age of exploration and the conquest of the Americas instructed throughout the adventure of Bartolome de las Casas, a Dominican friar who fervently defended the yankee Indians, and the only most crucial determine of the interval after Columbus. Explores the interval referred to as the come across, which was once characterised via extensive clash among Europeans and the folks of the Americas following Columbus’s voyages Argues that Las Casas, ‘protector of Indians,' was once essentially inspired by way of Scripture in his campaign for justice and equality for American Indians attracts at the 14 quantity whole Works of Las Casas as a window into his brain and activities Encourages scholars to appreciate heritage during the point of view of people dwelling it content material: bankruptcy 1 The period of Columbus and the “Discoverers” (pages 10–32): bankruptcy 2 Justice for All (pages 33–60): bankruptcy three Social Experiments (pages 61–86): bankruptcy four The period of the Conquests of Mexico and Peru, 1520s–1540s (pages 87–106): bankruptcy five the recent legislation of 1542 and Bishop of Chiapa (pages 107–127): bankruptcy 6 “All Mankind is One” (pages 128–150):

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Compare the advantages and disadvantages of using globes and maps. Identifying Relationships The theme of movement has a strong connection to history in the United States. Explain why. Technology Activity Using the Internet On the Internet, find out more about a country that interests you. Use the information to prepare a one-page travel guide detailing such facts as the country’s location, climate, language, resources, landscape, and any other information you think tourists might want to know.

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One type— an interrupted projection—shows Goode's Interrupted Projection Mercator’s world as a cut-up sphere 80° N that has not been 60° N 40° N stretched and joined together. Although 20° N 120°W 80°W 0° 40°E 80°E 120°E 160°E this projection 0° 40° W Equator shows the size of 20° S landmasses more 40° S accurately, the 60° S 80° S interruptions make it difficult to Location An interrupted projection can show the calculate distances. size and shape of continents accurately. What Most geographers happens to the lines of longitude on an today use the Robininterrupted map?

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