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Four-skills American English path with a communicative method, attractive texts, and a powerful pronunciation syllabus - designed to get scholars talking.

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As noted in Warren (1993: 60), this 48 distinction would explain the phonological, morphological and syntactic features of nouns as modifiers: Nominal modifiers, because of their restrictive function, tend to be part of a stress pattern involving stress reduction, lose their ability to be inflected and, when combined with another modifier, have no predictable scope of modification, so that this has to be indicated by position or coordinating conjunctions. Warren refers here to the stress pattern characteristic of nouns when combining with other nouns.

However, nouns as modifiers are also frequently found. In what follows, a comprehensive overview of the features which define nouns as modifiers is presented. 1 deals with the definition of nominal modifiers, surveys the features that characterise them, and discusses a number of suggested explanations as to why they are used in English. 2 reviews the existing literature on nominal modification. 3 poses the following question: why are nominal premodifiers still understandable if they are simply juxtaposed items?

When a context is first established, such as in the case of the initiation of a conversation, there is a need to be as explicit as possible and thus introduce as many modifiers – and textual relations among them – as needed for the creation of a clear context. Once this information has been established, the number of modifiers and their relations is reduced, since there is no need to report details which interlocutors can glean from the context. As a result, the noun phrase is no longer as explicit grammatically.

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