By Ziauddin Sardar

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Propelled by means of its mythology, the USA pursues its dream relentlessly. right here, the authors reveal the darkish aspect of that delusion: dying, pain, perpetual worry, an expanding divide among wealthy and terrible, a squandering of the human destiny, and the relentless construction of a growing number of pretexts for destiny wars.

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51 Rather, slave owners termed them "runaways" or "maroons" and modern historians have applied the systemic label "marronage" to behaviour now understood as resistance to the system of oppression. Few modern historians of the Caribbean have followed the twentieth-century shift, applying "absenteeism" to workers rather than landowners. An exception is Mary Turner, who has referred to enslaved people using "absenteeism" in negotiating improved work conditions with plantation managers. Her application of the term is part of a larger modernizing approach, seeing the enslaved also employing labour-relations tactics such as "appeals for mediation, and .

70 Who were the people, other than the proprietor, who could be expected to manage and supervise? 1). There was first of all the overseer, a man with general responsibility for the everyday planning and execution of productive activity. The proprietor might in theory play the part of the overseer, but to be effective the role demanded constant presence on the property, to ensure surveillance of the other white employees and of enslaved and indentured workers. The proprietor wanted to be able to be away from the plantation for extended periods, to visit other planters in their great houses, to go to town and to attend the House of Assembly, for example.

94 This rapid survey of the terminologies of estate management employed in contemporary Britain offers little to explain the system developed in Jamaica. The plantation attorney of Jamaica seems truly to emerge as an original managerial type, performing a role and bearing a Creole title peculiarly fashioned to meet the demands of a highly profitable sugar economy and its absentee-proprietors. Defining the Attorney Addressing their fellows in Jamaica, attorneys had no difficulty differentiating and naming their several statuses, roles and titles.

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