By B. Alspach, P. Hell, D. J. Miller

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ISBN-13: 9780720410433

In recent times, there was an explosion of curiosity within the technological know-how of adhesion. regardless of its multidisciplinary and certainly business personality, the wealth of phenomena to be present in the examine of adhesion has drawn researchers from many probably disparate clinical disciplines. The purpose of those books is to supply an up-to-date view of the state-of-the-art of adhesion technological know-how and to fill within the quite huge hole within the compilation of data with regards to adhesion science.This set of 2 volumes describes adhesion technology from 3 primary views: mechanics, surfaces and chemistry. quantity 1 focuses cognizance at the contribution of mechanic ideas and ideas to knowing the fabrication, layout, research, and checking out of adhesive bonds. It additionally deals a entire evaluate of the present realizing of stresses, deformation, and fracture parameters linked to quite a number adhesive bonds.

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8. In accord with Eq. 7, the authors plotted a normalized interfacial shear strength, t ( E , / E f ) ’ / 2 vs. WA and were able to collapse all of the data of Fig. 19 onto a single straight line. The literature also contains other less quantitative but direct indications of the importance acid-base effects in contact adhesion [35,78,103]. C. Berg of an interphase must be recalled. While the structure and properties of this interphase, derived from the adhesive phase, are often shown to have decisive influence on the adhesive ‘interfacial’ strength, it is believed that the interfacial forces discussed above provide the driving forces for the formation of the interphase and thus indirectly determine the strength of contact adhesion.

Plasma, corona, flame, E-beam and other treatments often have the effect of planting oxygen functionality on the surfaces of such materials, increasing their surface energy and improving their wettability. In addition, a variety of surface wet chemical treatments may be used for this purpose. As an example, Keller et al. 1571 treated Kevlar, a polyaramide, with strong acid or base, as shown in Fig. 1 1 . The treatment produced a population of carboxyl or amino groups, conferring hydrophilicity to the surface, and improved bondability to epoxy adhesives.

E. spontaneous spreading should always be sought to maximize adhesion. This condition occurs when, with reference to Fig. e. ys > fi ysL. The thermodynamic driving force for the spreading process is the spreading coefficient, SlJS : + SL,S + = Ys - (n V S I J (14) For spontaneous spreading to occur, SLp must be positive (or at least nonnegative). It is clear that this implies a 0" contact angle. In actual application, adhesive is usually forcibly applied to the adherend surface either by blading, dipping, rolling, injecting, pressing, spraying, etc.

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