By Robert Elsie

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All I want is for you to make me some shepherd’s clothes,” said the youth, “but they must be fine-looking. ” Then the youth sprinkled water over the sheep and they came back to life. The shepherd took the youth home, gave him something to eat, made some fine clothes and presented them to him. The youth then returned to his father who was in a very sad way because the Stirrup Moor had killed all his soldiers and because he hadn’t gained the wives. The youth asked the king what was wrong and why he looked so despondent.

I could get away; they couldn’t catch me. ” inquired the youth. She explained, “I must leave tomorrow morning because the groom’s attendants are coming to get me. ” She replied, “When I leave tomorrow morning, there is a mosque at a certain point along the road. There I will tell the groom’s attendants that I promised my mother I would go into the mosque to pray before getting married. They will let me enter the mosque alone. If someone else were already in the mosque, I could give him my clothes and he could put them on and go back out as the bride.

After being kicked and beaten, she swore she would never again set foot in the palace again. The third day, the snake said to her, “Go back to the king again. ” The old woman was unwilling at first, but since the snake promised that it was the last time, she went back to the king and said to him, “Your Majesty, I must have your daughter as a wife for my son. ” The king chuckled and replied, “I will give my daughter to your son under the following conditions. Your cottage must be a palace as big as mine by tomorrow.

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