By Raymond F. Gregory

ISBN-10: 0813529069

ISBN-13: 9780813529066

Nearly each middle-aged and older employee, at your time in the course of his or her profession, will endure age discrimination within the office. Employers too usually use early-retirement plans, restructurings, and downsizings to push aside older staff. lots of those people are unwillingly ushered into earlier-than-planned retirements, are denied promotions, or are terminated. The baby-boomer new release now debts for slightly below 50 percentage of the whole crew. an unlimited military of staff now stands prepared to contest agency acts of age discrimination.

Attorney Raymond Gregory addresses himself to the thousands of employees who imagine they may be dealing with age discrimination and strains the background of the federal measures enacted to help employees in contesting illegal company behavior. He explains how the legislations works and provides real proceedings to illustrate the ways in which employees have challenged their employers. The situations support to demonstrate criminal ideas in real-life stories and plenty of of the instances relate compelling tales of employees stuck up in an online of agency discriminatory behavior. Gregory has eradicated all criminal jargon, making sure that every one strategies are transparent to his readers. members will flip to this publication time and again to receive authoritative history in this very important topic.

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Thus, the bank was aware that the jury would hear Brown’s and her husband’s testimony that a responsible employee of the bank had told them, in clear and certain terms, that Brown had been fired 43 44 A G E D I S C R I M I N AT I O N I N T H E A M E R I C A N W O R K P L A C E because of her age. The impact of this testimony on the jury was foreseeable; the bank simply could not risk a jury determination. Minutes before the trial was to start, the bank agreed to a settlement. A case in which an employer intentionally engaged in an age-biased RIF involved my client Virginia Green (another pseudonym), who created television commercials and magazine advertisements for a large advertising agency.

Statistical studies often tend to support a worker’s claim that a RIF was unlawfully implemented. Andrew Quinn worked 35 36 A G E D I S C R I M I N AT I O N I N T H E A M E R I C A N W O R K P L A C E for twenty-four years as an account executive for Doremus & Company, a New York City advertising agency specializing in financial notice advertising, and was given successively more senior titles, culminating with senior vice president. Following a sharp contraction in its business due to a stock market decline, Doremus implemented a RIF that resulted in a 25 percent reduction in its workforce.

How the RIF was handled in Brown’s department, however, was another matter. Prior to the RIF, the Home Equity Department had employed ten underwriters, including Brown. The bank officers assigned to implementing the RIF decided to eliminate seven of the underwriter positions, and the manager of the underwriters was charged with selecting the seven to be terminated and the three to be retained. Of the ten underwriters, four were over fifty years old, another four were in their forties, and two were in their thirties.

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