By Athelstan (England, König); Foot, Sarah Rosamund Irvine; King of England Athelstan

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The robust and leading edge King Æthelstan reigned in simple terms in brief (924-939), but his achievements in the course of these eventful fifteen years replaced the process English historical past. He received fantastic army victories (most particularly at Brunanburh), solid exceptional political connections throughout Europe, and succeeded in developing the 1st unified country of the English. to say for him the name of "first English monarch" is not any exaggeration.

In this nuanced portrait of Æthelstan, Sarah Foot deals the 1st complete account of the king ever written. She lines his existence in the course of the a variety of spheres during which he lived and labored, starting with the intimate context of his relatives, then extending outward to his strange multiethnic royal courtroom, the Church and his country, the wars he carried out, and at last his loss of life and legacy. Foot describes a worldly guy who used to be not just a good army chief but in addition a invaluable king. He ruled brilliantly, constructed inventive how you can venture his photo as a ruler, and devised strategic marriage treaties and reward exchanges to cement alliances with the prime royal and ducal homes of Europe. Æthelstan's legacy, noticeable within the new gentle of this masterful biography, is inextricably attached to the very forging of britain and early English id

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The British Library Board (MS Cotton Tiberius A. ii, fo 15r). 8. Inscription recording Æthelstan's donation of the book to Christ Church, Canterbury, London. © The British Library Board (MS Cotton Tiberius A. ii, fo 15v). 9. Gospel dice (Alea evangelii). By permission of the President and Fellows, Corpus Christi College, Oxford (MS 122, fo 5v). 10. Coins. © The Trustees of the British Museum. M. Archibald and C. 973 (London 1986). a) Bust diademed/horizontal trefoil type; moneyer Wulfsige, SCBI, no.

At regular intervals not only until I started to write, but whenever I seemed to be flagging as the project progressed. I hope they – and also Geoff Little, who took with typical equanimity this invasion onto what he might have seen as his own territory – feel that the resulting book was worth the wait. Simon Keynes has been a constant source of information and advice throughout the gestation of the project; he supervised the original BA dissertation from which all followed and has continued to offer help and stimulating advice throughout.

4 His son Edward proved a more than worthy successor to the newly created kingdom of the Anglo-Saxons: even though his successes found less celebration in the historical memory, his reign saw the bounds of Wessex pushed securely not just deep into the hitherto independently ruled Mercia, but also east into East Anglia, where West Saxon kings had never formerly held power. Despite his clear designation as Alfred's heir long before his death, his probable appointment as sub-king in Kent and his leading of armies in battle against the Danes successfully before his father's death,5 Edward did not accede to the West Saxon throne unchallenged.

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Æthelstan : the first king of England by Athelstan (England, König); Foot, Sarah Rosamund Irvine; King of England Athelstan

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