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Pre-reproductive males and females, aged four and five years, adopted nine orphaned infants. While the scientists speculated that most of the adoptions involved close kin, two unrelated orphans introduced by the researchers were “immediately adopted” by five-year old males. In that same year, C. M. Berman observed the infant career of a rhesus monkey, orphaned at eleven weeks and cared for initially by four males and then by a sister who did not have other offspring. 3 More recently, after observing that “allomothering and adoption are well documented across primate species,” Emily Wroblewski reported on a “unique incident” where an infant was adopted by its grandmother without the death of its mother.

Every potential source of revenue had to be expanded and fully exploited and new sources had to be continuously under development. Deploying its coercive power, which reached into the most intimate details of personal life, Church leaders mobilized every theological resource to discourage any strategy that might stand between its treasury and the income represented by the deaths of men and women without heirs. Recall that the Middle Ages were as dangerous as the preceding classical era had been: the whole point of adoption had been precisely to find a mechanism for coping with the high death rates that disease and injury inflicted as a matter of course on individuals of all classes and ages.

The loyalty and affection of adopted persons was sometimes subject to interrogation and declared deficient. 1057/9781137333919 Adoption’s Long and Often Surprising History 33 metaphorically, Demosthenes distinguished indigenous Athenians from immigrants by describing the former as legitimate and the latter as merely adopted children of their country. ”24 Despite these occasional disavowals—not very different from the sorts of rhetoric I examined in Chapter 1—the practice of adoption “was commonplace in classical Greece,” in W.

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