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The idea of counting on the data of these three corpora for this study came from the desire to get reliable results. The amount of data provided by only one of these corpora would not be enough to reach trustworthy conclusions which can be generalised to a whole group of learners. It is quite obvious that the more examples we have, the stronger and more reliable the conclusions will be. Furthermore, these corpora complement each other very well as they followed similar criteria in their design and compilation.

Under this label, there are remarkable classifications of false friends which take into account at least two of the aforementioned aspects of false friends. Postigo Pinazo, Chacón Beltrán and even Chamizo Domínguez are included in this group. On the one hand, Postigo Pinazo (1997) takes into account the etymology, formal similarities and semantic characteristics of different word pairs and classifies FF into four separate categories: • • • • Phonetic false friends (English bitch vs. Spanish bicho), L2 words with a pronunciation which might bring to mind another similar term in the L1.

G. - Argument o DIFFERENCE CONNOTATION De s ce nde r DEGREE OF S EMANTIC RES EMBLANCE Figure 7: Classification of English-Spanish False Friends. This classification covers many subtle nuances and is narrowed down to describing minor differences between pairs of words in two languages. 52 The main problem of distributing words into categories is that there are some semantically complex terms which are difficult to categorise. In fact, the idea of the continuum tries to emphasise the “sometimes” arbitrary delimitation of the boundaries between false friends.

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