By David G. Myers

ISBN-10: 0300084390

ISBN-13: 9780300084399

ISBN-10: 0300130287

ISBN-13: 9780300130287

How do humans do something about listening to loss? during this learn, David Myers, who has himself suffered sluggish listening to loss, explores the issues confronted by way of the difficult of listening to at domestic and at paintings and gives details at the new expertise and surgeries to be had.

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She doesn’t fathom his experience. But does he grasp her experience of hearing? If he did, would he still feel no wish to hear? At least this much can be said: there is a growing consensus that native signers are not linguistically disabled. “It is quite natural,” wrote Gertrude Stein. ” Gallaudet College linguist William Stokoe confirmed the naturalness of visual language in his groundbreaking book Sign Language Structure (1960), which showed that Sign is a complete language with its own grammar, syntax, and semantics.

I struggled to grasp their questions, to know when they had stopped talking and were waiting for a response, and to know when they were talking to the interviewer rather than to me. For some, the problem was mutual—they couldn’t hear me. Would hearing people have had equal difficulty on a normal phone? Am I attributing the failed communication to my poor hearing, rather than to the station’s poor equipment? How much should I worry about pending talk shows? The hard of hearing can err in either direc- Relationships 29 tion—by denying their disability or by blaming too much on it.

I concurred with them— whereupon, eight minutes before the hour was up, the host abruptly thanked me for being with them and ended the interview. Yet another response to my impaired hearing? Or am I being paranoid—maybe they actually had other commentary and ads to squeeze in before the top of the hour? My mind drifts to two provocative experiments. In the first, Dartmouth College researchers Robert Kleck and Angelo Strenta led college women to feel disfigured. The women thought that the purpose of the experiment was to assess how other people react to a severe facial scar created with theatrical makeup.

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