By Audrey Thomson, Agnes Martinet

ISBN-10: 0194313433

ISBN-13: 9780194313438

The routines can be utilized without or with the Grammar. They contain a solution key.

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2 I've been working in this office . . a month. 3 They've been living in France . . 1970. 4 He has been in prison . . a year. 5 I've known that . . a long time. 6 That man has been standing there . . six o'clock. 7 She has driven the same car . . 1975. 8 Things have changed . . I was a girl. 9 The kettle has been boiling . . a quarter of an hour. 10 The central heating has been on . . October. 11 That trunk has been in the hall . . a year. 12 He has been very ill . . the last month. 13 I've been using this machine .

31 You (know) why an apple (fall) down and not up? 32 You (write) to him tonight? Yes, I always (write) to him on his birthday. You (want) to send any message? 33 Tom and Mr Pitt (have) a long conversation. I (wonder) what they (talk) about. No, I (not believe) any of it. ~ Then why you (read) newspapers? 35 This car (make) a very strange noise. Oh, that noise (not matter). It always (make) a noise like that. 36 The fire (smoke) horribly. I can't see across the room. I (expect) that birds (build) a nest in the chimney.

17 Perhaps he swam across. ~ No, he . . (do) that; he can't swim. 18 Do you remember reading about it in the newspapers? ~ No, I . . (be) abroad at the time. 19 He . . (walk) from here to London in two hours. It isn't possible. 20 He was very sick last night. ~ The meat we had for supper . . (be) good. 21 There was a dock strike and the liner couldn't leave port. ~ The passengers . . (be) furious. 22 We went to a restaurant and had a very good dinner for Ј3. ~ You . . (have) a very good dinner if you only paid Ј3.

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