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Goethe and the Greeks

'The revolution that's occurring in me is that which has taken position in each artist who has studied Nature lengthy and diligently and now seeks the continues to be of the good spirit of antiquity; his soul wells up, he feels a transfiguration of himself from inside, a sense of freer lifestyles, larger life, lightness and charm.

Performing Bodies in Pain: Medieval and Post-Modern Martyrs, Mystics, and Artists

This article analyzes the cultural paintings of unbelievable pain in modern discourse and late-medieval France, examining contemporary dramatizations of torture and performances of self-mutilating conceptual artwork opposed to late-medieval saint performs.

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Divergent Hook One: Manorial clergy attempt to steal message as it contains incriminating evidence of his financial misdeeds. Divergent Hook Two: Manorial clergy attempts to steal message as it contains conspiratorial content. PC’s eldest brother has been demoted due his serious lack of wisdom. PCs must “escort” him to a monastery where he will pursue a life dedicated to the local god. PC’s father has hinted PC will become inheritor if he succeeds. Divergent Hook One: Brother’s ne’er-do-well friend attempts to rescue him.

Watercarrier: Those who carry and transport water. Weaponsmith: Those who craft weapons. Weaver: Those who make cloth. Wetnurse: Those who feed babies. Wheelwright: Those who make wheels, carts, and wagons. Winter wheat: Wheat (sometimes rye) planted in October and harvested in August. Woad: A plant in the mustard family that yields blue dye, or the blue dye itself. Woodcarver: Those who carve and make things out of wood, including tools, dishes/utensils, and specialized goods. Woodseller: Those who sell wood (raw or cut) and charcoal.

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