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This booklet provides a transparent, concise background of the intense multicultural civilizations of the traditional close to East. Bestselling narrative of the advanced heritage of the traditional close to EastAddresses political, social, and cultural developmentsContains in-depth dialogue of key texts and assets, together with the Bible and the Epic of GilgameshIncludes a variety of maps, illustrations, and a variety of close to japanese texts in translationIntegrates new learn, and tremendously expands the publications to extra examining for this moment version

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Changes in the political and other circumstances had an effect on the meaning of terms. 1 The Weld-Blundell prism inscribed with the Sumerian King List. Courtesy of the Visitors of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford historical accuracy. Consequently, the list loses much of its value as a historical source, although it remains our primary means of structuring Early Dynastic history. Other Sumerian literary texts, again known from manuscripts of the early second millennium only, tell stories about three kings of the city of Uruk (Enmerkar, Lugalbanda, and Gilgamesh), and involve far-flung military adventures and local conflicts.

We cannot document this for the Early Dynastic period, but in the later Ur I11 period its officials were mostly women. Internally, the personnel of each household was hierarchically organized. Male and female laborers (Sumerian gurush and geme) were at the bottom of this hierarchy and were by far the most numerous of its members. While they were not unfree, in the sense of slaves, they were dependent laborers. The workers could live with their families or in institutional lodgings provided by Many administrative accounts list the rations issued to temple dependents in great detail.

Rulers routinely gained supremacy over their neighbors, or ephemeral alliances among citystates were concluded. These laid the groundwork for Sargon of Akkad, who initiated a new period in Near Eastern history by pursuing a policy of conquest to the extreme. 60 NOTES 1 Jerrold S. Cooper, Sumerian and Akkadian Royal Inscriptions. Volume I : Presargonic Inscriptions (New Haven: American Oriental Society, 1986), p. 18. 62 PART I CITY-STATES 2 It was first and most extensively argued by Thorkild Jacobsen, "Primitive Democracy in Ancient Mesopotamia," Journal of Near Eastern Studies 2 (1943), pp.

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