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This quantity deals a ancient and authentic remark on Herodotus ebook 6. The introductory discussions comprise one at the history to the Ionian riot and the function of Histiaeus. The remark goals to evaluate the truth at the back of Herodotus' textual content: the insurrection and its aftermath; some of the features of Spartan affairs in the midst of the ebook; Datis' invasion of Eretria and Attica; and Miltiades' day trip the subsequent 12 months. fabric that can't with ease be handled within the observation itself, and a few comparable subject matters that benefit attention, are thought of in a sequence of appendices. those contain discussions of Cleomenes' insanity relating to his actions in Arcadia, and the Argive response to his victory at Sepeia

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The story of Demaratos’ birth seems to be a special case, a mixture of pro-and anti-Eurypontid stories. 2–55 paras 2–4, 8, and §§61–70. 1. 64 Generally on the invention of Spartan tradition see Flower (2002); Osborne (2002) 515–16 discusses how far the detail of §§56–60 reflects a Spartan wish to claim that their then constitution was of long standing. 2. 65 As he moves from topic to topic, his basic tool for marking the transition is the use of m°n nun or m¢n dÆ followed by d°: this is how it was with event or person X; I now move on to Y.

3; in one account the Alcmaeonids also: note to §§121–4. g. 1, has NeileÊw. 125 Sakellariou (1958) has an extensive and detailed analysis of all the evidence. See also Roebuck (1959a) 25–31; Cook (1962) chap 2.

84. See Harrison (2000) 82–8. Strictly, the gods were only telling Hippias that he would not be restored, but audiences might also understand that his Persian protectors would lose the battle. 111 Not necessarily his military failure. 112 Cf Lateiner (1982b). It is not relevant here that he includes Leotychidas’ down- introductions 35 At first blush, Lateiner’s fourth category, divine justice, t¤siw, recalls Anaximander: things come to be and are destroyed “according to necessity; for they pay penalty and retribution to each other” (didÒnai går aÈtå d¤khn ka‹ t¤sin .

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