By Charnock Bradley

In the course of fresh years the sensation that there has been room for a publication in English facing the anatomy of the puppy has been progressively gaining floor. no doubt, within the opinion of many, the distance could be appropriately stuffed in basic terms by means of a scientific treatise just like the vintage A natomie des Hundes of Ellenberger and Baum. until eventually a few such paintings makes its visual appeal, maybe the current ebook may perhaps function a brief technique of offering the deficiency. For a number of purposes it was once made up our minds to introduce the topic of canines anatomy to theE nglish reader within the kind of brief notes deliberate to assist him in his wish to receive first-hand wisdom by means of dissection. Herein are given instructions which event has proven may also help the scholar to reveal many of the organs and buildings in an orderly and ecocnomic demeanour. The descriptions which stick with are purposely given within the briefest attainable shape, so that the dissection of the entire animal might be entire inside a cheap size of time. whereas basically meant for the assistance of the coed who proposes to hitch the ranks of a career which already encompasses a reasonable variety of experts whose paintings necessitates an in depth wisdom of the anatomy of the puppy, it's was hoping that those notes could be of a few provider to the scholar of comparative anatomy who needs to realize an acquaintance with the constitution of an simply received mammal. The nomenclature herein hired is that that may be known as theB aden andS tuttgart amendment of the B.N.A. of the human anatomist; and, if no longer excellent, is infinitely greater than the nondescript nomenclature, crowded with synonyms, previously present in works on comparative anatomy. My thank you are because of my colleague, Mr. W. M. Mitchell, M.R.C.V.S., for counsel in lots of instructions; and to the publishers for the cordial demeanour within which they've got met my feedback. zero. CHARNOCK BRADLEY. Edi
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Cavity, entered Avhen the main peritoneal The communication abdomen Avas first opened, and the omental bursa, is by means of a comparatively small orifice, the epiploic foramen of Winslow (foramen epiploicum [WinsloAAi]). To find the foramen, pull the duodenum over toAvards the left and look for the caudate process of the liA^er, which will be readily recognised as that part of the liA^er which is in contact with the right kidney. If iioav the index finger of the left hand be passed along the caudate process toAvards the middle line it Avill enter the epiploic foramen.

Part of the descending the subject be a female, part of the uterus may It will be observed that the interior of the abdominal wall, also be exposed. as well as the sin tare of he organs contained therein, is smooth and shiny. This and. ; if t is due to the presence of a sen. us omentum is a part. Intestim \i tenue. membrane, the peritom — The small intestine is urn, of which the greater a long, smooth tube, measuring times the length of the body and extending from the pylorus, in the it is continuous with the stomach where to a point slightly epigastric region caudal to the umbilicus and a short distance to the right of the median plane, where it cuds by joining the caecum.

A. lienalis. and The former (a. gastro-lienalis) terminates in the dorsal end of the spleen and contributes twigs to the stomach. The left gastro-epiploic artery (a. gastroepiploica sinistra) ramifies over the greater curvature of the stomach and finally anastomoses with the right artery of the same name. splenic artery supplies several branches (rami pancreatici) to the The left limb of the pancreas. — \ i:na portje. Since it drains the intestines, stomach, sjDieen, and pancreas, the portal vein is a vessel of great importance.

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