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Satire can· legally be used by a fl/i to exert pressure on a wrongdoer to get him to obey the law. However,' to satirize anyone without just cause is a serious offence, requiring the payment of the victim's honour-price (see p. 137). The purveyor of illegal satire (usually called cainte87 or rindi/e88) is often denounced in our sources. 9-10, tr. L. Breatnach, Eriu 35 (1984) 189. Cf. ) Is e taidbeas a seodu eigni doib amuig i fail i tincaidter renda aer 7 na tincaidter renda airm 'it is he [the poet] who levies the penalty for· their forcibly removed chattels for them outside [the territory] where barbs of satire are responded to and barbs of weapons are not' (tr.

The first two on the list are the 'fuidir who has withdrawn from his paternal kingroups' and the 'juidir who parts from his kin'. 124These are clearly persons who have been reduced to semi-free status through the severance of their connection with their kin. The lowest type of 116 For further discussion, see Thomas Charles-Edwards, Early Irish and Welsh Kinship (forthcoming) ch. 9 'The half-free in Ireland'. 17 = CO 324 (and note). 118 The wisdom-text Senbr{athra Ffthail states dligid judir jritholta 'a fuidir is entitled to his returns' (RC 45 (1928) 31 §ll.

1. 2. 6. failure of corn and milk and fruit, as well as diseases and disasters. (Compare the similar supernatural consequences of gau jiathemon --~,'injustice of a ruler'; see p. 18). Triad 96 includes the judge who is .. 127 A false judgement may even have physical side-effects on the judge responsible. The cheeks of the legendary judge Sencha are said to -have become blotched when he pronounced a biased judgement \ (ci/breth)128 regarding legal entry by women (see p. 187). '~ judgement (ffrbreth) on the matter.

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