By Douglas Q. Adams

ISBN-10: 9401209367

ISBN-13: 9789401209366

The second one variation of A Dictionary of Tocharian B comprises considerably all Tocharian B phrases present in frequently released texts, in addition to all these of the London and Paris collections released digitally (digital e-book of the Paris assortment continues to be incomplete), and a considerable variety of the Berlin assortment released digitally. The variety of entries is greater than twenty in keeping with cent more than within the first version. the general procedure is decidedly philological. All phrases other than right names are supplied with instance contexts. each one observe is given in all its numerous attested morphological kinds, in its variation spellings, and mentioned semantically, syntactically (where appropriate), and etymologically. New to the second one variation is the project, the place attainable, of the examples of the word’s use to their certain chronological interval (Archaic, Early, Classical, Late/Colloquial). This courting presents the start of the learn of the Tocharian B vocabulary on a historic foundation. incorporated also are a opposite English-Tocharian B index and, one other innovation to this version, a normal index verborum of Indo-European cognates.

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V.? /// (78b1C), arai srukalyñe cisa nta kca mƗ prƗskau … s=Ɨrai ñi palsko cisa prƗskau ‘O death, I fear nothing more than thee! …’ (298a1L). ŶEtymology unknown. arkañ, Ź2Ɨrk. arkantse, Ź1Ɨrk. ] ަartkaretstse* 25 separation of the ĝ. dC). v. ) ‘prtng to the arkwaña-plant’ [f: arkwañaৢৢa, -, -//] arkwaña‫܈܈‬a tƗno puwarne hom yama‫܈‬äle ‘the seed if an arkwaña is to be put in the fire as an oblation’ (M-1b5/PK-AS-8Ab5C). ŶThe exact meaning and etymology are unknown. v. Ɨrkwi. ) (Y3a4C/L). v. ) ‘arjuna (Terminalia arjuna W.

From B(H)S aĞraddha-. ŹSee also ĞrƗddhe. ]) ‘ashram, the abode of an ascetic’ [-, -, aĞrƗm//] (107a8L). ŶFrom B(H)S ƗĞrama-. ) ‘[the constellation] Cancer’ [-, -, AĞleৢ//] (M-1b8/PK-AS-8Ab8C). ŶFrom B(H)S aĞle‫܈‬Ɨ-. ) ‘Indian ginseng (Withania somnifera Dunal)’ (MI). [aĞvakƗnt, -, -//] (W passimC). ŶFrom B(H)S aĞvagandha-. ) ‘aĞvamedha (a major Hindu sacrifice)’ [-, -, aĞvamet//] (290a1C). ŶFrom B(H)S aĞvamedha-. ) title of a portion of the UdƗnavarga [-, -, AĞvavƗrg//] (313a4=S-5a4C). ) ‘[the constellation] Aries’ [-, -, aĞvini//] (508b2C/L, M-2a6C).

Etymology uncertain. Bailey (1958; followed by VW:621) sees in this word a compound, perhaps itself of Iranian origin, certainly of Iranian origin in its components. ’ However, it may well be that TchB amäk‫܈‬- and Greek are cognate because they are both inherited from PIE *h2em-haeks-y(e)ha- ‘wagon-chassis,’ whether or not Khotanese maĞ- (if such a form has an independent existence) belongs here or not. ) Likewise I do not see -pänte as borrowed from Iranian *pati-. Such an etymology leaves the -n- without any explanation.

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