By Brett Stewart

ARE you prepared TO SCULPT YOUR ABS?
Follow the 7-week software during this booklet and you’ll vastly elevate the energy and muscle tone of your center, again and obliques to such an severe that you’ll be capable of do three hundred consecutive sit-ups. filled with transparent charts and priceless photos,7 Weeks to three hundred Sit-Ups tells you every thing you want to learn about the final word workout in your middle and includes:
• directions on the way to do an ideal sit-up
• Easy-to-follow innovative education programs
• further demanding situations for severe strengthening

Offering field-tested, daily plans and greater than 30 core-shredding workouts, this ebook has anything for everybody: from newcomers embarking on a brand new work out routine to athletes seeking to extend their strength-training options.

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If you use a decline bench (Fig. 30A), you will be able to overload your abs even better. Fig. 29 Fig. 30A 38 I N T E G R AT I O N : T U R N Y O U R A B S I N TO T E A M P L AY E R S Fold your hands on your chest, with an extra weight if possible, inhale, and flatten your back against the bench as you have in the situp test. Maintaining this back alignment, sit up smoothly (Fig. 30B) all the way to the top. — and lower yourself all the way down. Exhale, relax for a moment, repeat. Fig. 30B 39 I N T E G R AT I O N : T U R N Y O U R A B S I N TO T E A M P L AY E R S When you work up to a heavy weight, barbell plates or dumbbells will be too awkward to use.

65 60 I N T E G R AT I O N : T U R N Y O U R A B S I N TO T E A M P L AY E R S Various pushup drills from Yananis’ arsenal, include lifting your legs and arms in different combinations and in different directions. (Fig. 66, 67, 68) A three second hold is considered a rep. Fig. 66 Fig. 67 61 I N T E G R AT I O N : T U R N Y O U R A B S I N TO T E A M P L AY E R S Fig. 68 62 I N T E G R AT I O N : T U R N Y O U R A B S I N TO T E A M P L AY E R S The Russian scientist also recommended hand walking from a crouched position (Fig.

38 Try an experiment. Sit in a chair with your hands on your knees and flex your abs as hard as possible. (Fig. 37) Now put your fists inside your knees and do the same while squeezing your fists hard with your knees. (Fig. 38) You will see that your abs contract much stronger when you are trying to close your legs. Martial artists have been taking advantage of this phenomenon for centuries with strong stances like Okinawan karate’s sanchin-dachi. This neat phenomenon, later rediscovered by the East Germans, enables us to design a state of the art situp.

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